Chatter Matters Communication Camp

Through our partnership with UW-Whitewater, graduate speech pathology students and other student volunteers and instructors host this overnight camp for children with special needs who use assistive communication devices and one parent or primary caregiver, free of charge. This life-changing experience is made possible thanks to caring people just like YOU – our donors, partners and special sponsors!

What makes Chatter Matters unique is that it’s just like a traditional summer camp, but the activities are fully adapted for all ages and abilities. Through activities like arts & crafts, adaptive sports, games, campfires and music, children learn to improve their communication device use. We encourage up to four additional family members to participate for a fee of $200 per person. By allowing parents and siblings to attend, families have fun, create lasting family memories and bond with other families of children with special needs.

For more information, please contact us at (262) 777-2090 ext 107 or by email at

Please visit UW-Whitewater’s website begin the application process!  With application questions, contact Beth Miller Swanson, Programming Supervisor at UW-Whitewater, at (262) 472-5204 or by email at

**Financial aid may be available on a case to case basis. **


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A young boy holding signs at the Chatter Matters Communication Camp.
A boy playing in the sand at the Chatter Matters Communication Camp.
The kids, families and volunteers at the Chatter Matters Communication Camp.