Inspiring Children to discover
life without limits

Variety the Children's Charity of Wisconsin was established in 1935.
Variety is making a better future for our community by connecting people who care to programs that inspire children to discover life without limits.
Variety Wisconsin has raised over $30 million.

who we are

Variety the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin was established in 1935. Through the generosity of our community, we have been able to raise nearly $30 million to support children throughout Wisconsin since the inception of the organization. Each of our valuable programs is supported by people just like you in the
communities we serve. With your help, we continue to make a difference in the lives of children every day.

what we do & how we help

Variety is a multi-faceted organization with one simply mission: To help improve the lives of children with special needs who are at-risk, disadvantaged, or critically ill throughout Wisconsin. Each year, thousands of children in your own community are faced with challenges that no child should have to endure.  That’s where Variety steps in…to level the playing field! We believe all children deserve the chance to pursue a limitless future. Variety sponsors year-round activities, events and programs that improve a child’s physical and emotional health & well-being; build confidence & self-esteem; strengthen resilience and create opportunities to build a brighter future for all children.